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universal ad tracking system and ad campaigns data warehouse


In 2010 we were approached by an ambitious web startup interested in building a system to monitor, archive and track all display campaigns running in polish Internet. Key features of the planned system were defined as:
  • the system should automatically connect internet display ads dedicated to the Polish market
  • the system should be based on comprehensive, universal javascript interpreter for automatic advert recognition
  • it should also categorize and describe collected adverts
  • the users should be able to pre-define selected sites to collect ads from
  • the system should feature a clear and intuitive user interface making it easy product for end-users
  • finally the system should alow full adverts and description providers management


While working on this system we have came with a set of unique ideas and features which made it possible not only achieve all planned features of the project, but also keep it maximally efficient in every-day use. Some of those key solutions implemented are:
  • we have integrated the system with Gemius MegaPanel for automatic adverts collections site selection
  • Firefox Web Driver javascript engine was integrated within the project’s core
  • we have implemented parallelized websites scans: java based scan job distribution
  • we have built two levels of ads description and categorization (1) initial campaign and advert description defined by selected users and (2) brand, campaign and advert description moderation done by market experts
  • finally we have also allowed efficient media-plan generation and browsing


We have came from design and prototypes to fully working release of the AdSeek system in less than 9 months. The system was launched in the end of 2010 and is now fully functional product being used by some top polish advertising agencies incl. Interactive Solutions or Saatchi & Saatchi.

The system is constantly growing with a regular increase of tracked display ads of about 3500 units per month. In January 2011 after 2 months of running the system the database was tracking over 12,5 thousand ads units – growing daily thanks to an autonomous crawling solution developed by ITSpree specially for AdSeek system.
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