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Head & Shoulders Tiles

interactive on-line flash game for one of the biggest brands in the world


In 2009 we were contacted by Interactive Solutions – a digital agency working for Procter & Gamble Poland – with a proposal to build an advanced Flash game for one of the leading brands owned by P&G – Head & Shoulders. Interactive Solutions created a concept of a competition-game where users were asked to search for a prize on the wall of hundreds of (bathroom) tiles. The whole system was suppose to be fully manageable via online back-end system.


We have decided to use LAMP stack along with Flash / ActionScript3 driven front-end object. While developing the whole project we have used SCRUM methodology and remained in full & frequent contact with project managers from side of the client. This allowed us to send and received feedback regarding any issues that we have encountered while developing e.g. Flash Application.

When developing Flash-based front-end we have used ActionScript3 based on our custom OO MVC AS3 framework – which allowed us not only to increase speed of development, but also keep the manageability of the source code at a very high level – which in the end occurred to be a critical feature as later on we were asked to prepare several tweaked international versions of the same application. The Flash application was using all kinds of typical high-level Flash app elements – from integration with external XML API, to management of full 3d video spots and GUI / game interface coding.

Finally for the back-end panel as well as XML web-service responsible for communication between the back-end and Flash front-end app, we have decided to use LAMP stack with PHP framework Symfony and PostgreSQL database playing a critical role in allowing us to develop quickly and efficiently a stable and efficient solution.


P&G Head & Shoulders Tile Game was featured as part of Poland-wide media campaign in the summer of 2009. An official which was hosting the game was visited by thousands of visitors and hundreds of them took opportunity to register and play the tile game using the system that we’ve built. Overall the project was a success in both fields: implementation as well as time of delivery.