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Re-Usable Facebook Apps Library

library of instantly usable, out-of-the-box facebook apps components


We have started to develop facebook applications in 2009. It was a time when facebook was gaining popularity and more and more commercial brands started to build facebook fan-pages and populate them with interactive apps. We started to deliver more and more simple and not-so-simple apps for many interactive & social agencies and at some point we have figured that we start to re-use more and more code. It was there and then when we decided that instead of building all the apps from the scratch we should build a product on top of our experience and create a catalogue of pre-made facebook applications that could be sold on out-of-the-box basis to our customers.


In 2010 we have created first version of such catalogue and over the year extended it into several core apps and tens of alternative versions of those core apps. Many popular simple interactive games and apps were now possible to build within one working day.

Among many types of apps we had created templates for e.g.:
  • quiz app – standard and advanced quiz with multiple answers and configurable results
  • gift app – where users publish gifts from one to another’s wall incl. competition version etc.
  • voting apps – where users can vote for several items / options incl. uploadable content
  • tip-of-the-day app – in multiple versions
  • graphics manipulation apps – where users can manipulate uploaded photos etc.
  • and much more ..!


As soon as we have presented the catalogue of the apps to the interactive agencies which were using our services in building facebook apps, they have all shown great interest in our product. It allowed their account managers to pitch to their clients with a portfolio of well-described products along with ready made examples – and more importantly have 100% guarantee that the apps from our catalogue are always delivered within minimal deadline, usually one working day.

The strategy of re-usable facebook apps worked well and since launching the service we have increased the amount of produced and sold apps multiple times while developing the amount of available app templates even further.
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