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Cloud Computing & Scalability

out-of-the-box solutions for amazon & rackspace cloud platforms

We believe cloud hosting is one of the greatest inventions in modern IT world. Its perfect not only for websites with a lot of traffic but also launching test & dev environments, archives, online backups and serving static content.
When it comes to cloud hosting environment we work with two dedicated providers: Amazon AWS (globally) and Rackspace Cloud (US & UK clients). We have lots of experience to use products of those two hosting providers to leverage companies IT efficiency & their website performance.

We can help you e.g. in usage of:
  • Amazon EC2 / S3 and/or Rackspace CloudServers / CloudFiles to create basic backbone for simple yet fully scalable website architecture
  • Amazon S3 and/or Rackspace CloudFiles to supply unlimited secure server & network backup facility
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce (on EC2 with Hadoop + S3 storage) to gather, store and process/analyse data warehouses
  • Amazon CloudFront and/or Rackspace Limelight as global content delivery network (CDN)
  • Amazon VPC to securely bridge your network infrastructure with Amazon cloud
  • … and more!
We have experience building simple scalable architectures made as hosting environment for high-traffic websites and e-commerce platforms. We have used cloud storage for regular and automatic backup of business-critical data. We can leverage that knowledge by proposing you out-of-the box schemes on how to gain maximum profits from using cloud systems of either Amazon or Rackspace.
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