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Facebook Applications

we build highly engaging social apps using facebook core APIs and PHP SDK

In 2010 facebook traffic for the first time surpassed Google’s making it the most visited websites in the world. It was a very clear signal that online users are starting to use facebook more and more and to reach them one have to create a solid social marketing strategy – and as it happens, interactive facebook apps became core part of that strategy – allowing design custom ways to interact with brand users directly on facebook platform.
We have significant experience building facebook apps using LAMP stack. We have developed facebook apps already on older facebook APIs (incl. JavaScript API) but have settled for PHP/PostgreSQL and Graph API as our default platform.

A typical facebook apps that we create for our customers include e.g.
  • Gift Apps (with custom gifts / wall messages published on friends walls)
  • Tips-of-the-day Apps (with its own CMS & data feed)
  • Voting Apps (users upload own videos, images or texts and vote for best content)
  • Social Games (built in Adobe Flash)
  • Advanced Apps (e.g. E-commerce Shops in Adobe Flex integrated with real online store database)
  • … and more!

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