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Linux / Unix Maintenance & Administration

24/7 *nix servers maintenance incl. cloud structures administration

It's often a case, that for various reasons a company does not want original system creators to support and maintain a system which they have built. There can be many reasons for that: from poor communication and lack of quality assurance technics to simple decisions of outsourcing part of the IT activity to off-shore companies like ITSpree.
In such a case, a company usually stands in front of several important questions: we have got a system but it lacks proper documentation - will our off-shore IT staff be able to support it? Are they going to be able to specify maintenance producers? How shall we maintain system enhancements and updates in the future, so that they wouldn't have bad influence on overall system integrity?

We believe that even having only the system itself, its always possible to maintain it. Of course - having complete documentation and access to the source code can be very helpful. Practical experience in analyzing complex systems as well as staff expertise and fundamental knowledge in computer science make us confident enough to be able to support almost any web application.

Before we will be able to effectively support your system, first we need to be able to perform a whole process of adaptation. Such processes consist of several steps: from thoughtful testing of the application and code as well as architecture review to creation of maintenance procedures and system documentation. As a result of such adaptation, a customer doesn't get only fully documented maintenance procedures, but also knowledge, that once reviewed his system can be safely expanded and/or enhanced.
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