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Outsourced Quality Assurance

quality assurance and testing services as external services

Quality Assurance (or, in short, "QA") introduced the sayings "fit for purpose" and "do it right the first time" to all phases of project development - from design, development and production to installation, supporting and documentation. It is known that an independent QA is standard in the industry, to ensure the quality of software - that's why ITSpree is ensuring that its services are effective at QA for web/IT systems even on software which hasn't been produced by us.
A company that has built a system or a website needs to be sure that such system is really ready to operate in a real-life environment. They have to be 100% sure it wont crash at the most inappropriate moment - especially if the system is critical for the functioning of the whole company. On the other hand there is also a scalability problem - a company also need to be completely sure that there is no malfunction in the completed application, that there is no 'catch 22', no 'special feature' etc. - and that the whole application meets 100% of the requirements specified in the original functional specification.

In many companies Quality Assurance is a 'Cinderella' task. Something that everyone knows it should be done well, but nobody ever really does it professionally. Luckily, that's not the case at ITSpree. We understand the importance of thorough and precise application testing. Within our team you will find designated professionals who - together with other members of the IT team - specialize in analyzing web systems far beyond basic testing, enabling us to discover the system's weak points and check if the developed system conforms to the technical requirements. They can also evaluate the process by the system that developed and/or maintained it (if it has been developed by a third party company).

A very important aspect of modern quality management is doing the right thing efficiently and effectively. This does not necessarily mean reinventing the wheel i.e. recreating well-known, proven testing techniques but rather knowing how to use them to obtain the best results. This is why at ITSpree we use three different 'level's of Quality Assurance:

1. Functional testing
Functional testing implies knowledge of the program scope but not familiarity with the code. During this process, the tester does not examine the programming code and does not need any further knowledge of the program other than its specifications.

This is the most common and simple type of testing - yet usually the most effective because the test is done from the user’s point of view, not that of the developer. For functional testing we use either human testers, or - in case of the software being developer by in-house ITSpree developers - automated testing in form of special tools which can record and exexute a normal user's input.

2. Performance testing
This type of testing is a little bit more complicated - as it doesn't test the functionality but rather scalability vs. performance issues. By emulating increased usage of the system, we determine potential bottle-necks and improvements for parts of the code that are crucial for the system's performance.

3. Configuration testing
Quite often developers don't take into consideration different configurations on which the application will have to work on. They assume that if it works on their computers, it will work everywhere else. However, as life shows us, this is rarely the case. At ITSpree, we always test applications on various platforms, browsers and operating systems to ensure that it will be really portable and work without any further profiling on any machine.