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Expertise in the web & mobile development technologies and IT development methodologies guarantee effective web and IT systems. We believe that developing strong business and research relationships with innovative companies across the globe is central to the development of ITSpree’s expertise We are continually building strategic alliances to promote our image and expand our markets.

Business Partners

Interactive Solutions
ITSpree was created from the former structures of Interactive Solutions – one of the fastest growing interactive agencies in Poland. This makes Interactive Solutions a natural business partner for ITSpree as both companies are closely aligned in terms of shared business experience, work culture and project development methodologies.

Technology Partners

Not officially recognized (yet) as Oracle BusinessPartner, nevertheless we have great respect for a wide range of Oracle solutions. From software (Oracle DB, Oracle Middleware & Apps, Java platform and Oracle Business Intelligence) to hardware (Sparc Servers and Cloud Computing / Virtualization solutions) – we never hesitate to recommend Oracle solutions when it comes to high-performance, business-critical enterprise architectures.

When offering full IT service to our customers we always think in terms of scalable solutions, that’s why we partner with IBM in both hardware and web software redistribution. We believe IBM hardware servers such as xSeries are a cutting-edge low-budget solution for many of our customers - a solution that is not only secure and reliable but also easily scalable for future growth. Similarly, software products like IBM DB2 Express or other IBM-signed open-source solutions let us create stable, reliable and low-cost software that is easy to expand to enterprise-level solutions.

Although not an official Zend SI/SV Partner, ITSpree value Zend solutions, know-how and commitment to promote PHP and its usage at enterprise level. We believe Zend is currently the most advanced PHP company in the world, and partnering with Zend was a natural step for us in establishing ourselves as Eastern Europe PHP specialists. We currently use several Zend solutions as well as Zend certifications, and plan to introduce complete Zend Platform solution to our servers as well as Zend software distribution services very soon.

Over last few years Amazon has become not only a pioneer of cloud computing technology but already a market leader in mass / popular cloud computing deployments. This, along with excellent technology solutions incl. Elastic MapReduce, CloudFront/CloudWatch and of course EC2/S3 has caused us to choose AWS as default platform when it comes to cloud computing architecture design.

We have became official partner of Enterprise Java eCommerce system KonaKart in late 2011. Since then we're using KonaKart as our default solution for large enterprise e-commerce deployment.
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