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Customer Care

good communication, responsiveness and costs transparency from day #1

Outsourcing to another company means always communicating with others. The better that communication is, the quicker a project can be finished, and the less potential issues will be raised in the future. That’s why Customer Care is so important for us. We know customers want to feel secure when they decide to outsource their work. And we do all we can to provide that security to them.
Much of today's outsourcing issues are seen as related to products or services when in fact at the very core, outsourcing is always about communication between two (or more) companies. When it comes to outsourcing, it’s the quality of that communication and customer care that really creates added value to products and services. Cultural differences can make that communication difficult which in turn can hinder business dealings between companies. On the other hand, certain differences can be harnessed in order to provide a more pleasant business environment.

At ITSpree, we believe that being part of European culture, and having roots in western civilization, we have common background with most of our customers. We believe that both culturally and geographically we have certain advantage over companies from countries like India or China Its easier to talk with us, its easier to get certain 'connection', and last but not least, its easier to come to visit us.

Customers are welcome to visit our Poznan headquarters at any time. You can fly with numerous cheap airlines with direct cheap flights from London, Berlin and many other western European cities. We will be happy to guide you around, book you a hotel and help you to 'survive' in Poznan. You are of course welcome to stay in Poznan as long as you want, visit our office and have direct, face to face contact with your developers during office working hours. After all, we know that sometimes direct contact is what guarantees the best communication between the customer and the project team.

At all times, we always listen to our customers and we always do our best to help a project to succeed. We know that a happy customer is someone who will want to work with us again in the future. We always do everything we can to not only finish a project within a deadline, but also to add that extra value to all our contacts with ITSpree’ customers.
Work with us We guarantee cutting-edge technology expertise, top talents, rock-solid deadlines and exceptional customer care from day #1!