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Industry Experience

first-hand experience building solutions for interactive, travel, e-commerce etc.

General business rules apply to every company in the world. Yet each industry is different - and gets even more unique when you start to understand the internal rules, basics and know-how which lies at the very core of it. That's why for many companies, a specialized know-how in specific industries can be a critical to successful IT projects' realization.
Apart from all the technical skills and experience we have, there's something more we can offer to our potential clients: an expertise and knowledge of specific industry rules.

1. Online/Search Marketing

SEO, PPC, CPC, CPA, ROI. If that sounds familiar to you then you probably work in the online/search marketing industry. At ITSpree we have extensive knowledge and years of experience in building advanced systems and stand-alone applications that help our customers from the online marketing industry to generate tens of millions of sales in USA, UK, EU, Australia etc.

We have a very deep understanding of the systems developed by Google, MSN and Yahoo. We have built many online applications that help in every-day PPC campaign management, keyword value estimation, AdCenter monitoring etc. We are more than familiar with Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter API's and have developed large systems which make combined use of one or all of them.

We have skills and knowledge in
  • Affiliate marketing concepts
  • E-commerce tools
  • SEO and positioning in organic search results using both white and black hat methods (depends on the customer's policy)
  • Tracking and ROI analysis tools
  • Anti-click fraud systems and more

2. Advertisement & Promotion

It has been a long time since we were first introduced to the world of advertisement agencies. Since then, we have learned a lot about the internal processes inside many of them. We understand how agencies work with their clients and how the clients’ needs are translated into media planning; how creative teams come up with the ads for each of the chosen media channels; and how agencies execute campaigns and analyze their effectiveness. We know all that for one simple reason - we've been there before. ITSpree’s team is made up from people who have worked in several top world ad & interactive agencies, and so, our experience and know-how in this field is first-hand.

Having all the knowledge described above, it was natural for us to introduce ourselves as partners to several UK and Polish advertisement agencies. Together with them we actively work on various projects - from sub-contracting of IT/web projects, to development and supporting of Intranet systems that help all departments of a typical ad agency work better, quicker and more effectively.

3. Travel & Holidays

The travel industry is another example of a business which is becoming more and more dependent on the Internet and having an on-line presence. Our experience in the travel industry covers know-how in deploying and supporting large, high-traffic travel portals as well as extending existing travel websites by special, dynamic features like offers comparison.

We have experience working with large amounts of data (e.g. databases of hotels, travel offers etc.) and high-traffic travel portals. We have built travel-industry related online marketing tools like dynamic offers comparison engines and database matching tools.

4. E-commerce

B2B and B2C sites are what really means business in on-line world. For many years now Internet has became increasingly important channel of distribution & sales for many businesses worldwide. This is why building on-line presence as e-commerce shops & B2B services became a business-critical decision for many companies. But just starting e-commerce site wasn’t the end of it. Companies figured that connecting their whole company with online platform was driving even more sales & increasing overall business efficiency. Hence, ERP & CRM systems started to appear as a natural extension to e-commerce online systems.

ITSpree has a a lot of experience helping businesses leverage the opportunity that lies in online world. We know not only how to build secure & efficient e-commerce platforms, how to connect them to external content sources and payment gateways – but also how to integrate this platform with your business bloodstream - your company’s existing system like CRM, ERP etc. Finally we can help you even more - by creating automatic online SEM campaign intelligently checking their own performance for various keywords and stock levels, by extending your website performance with moving it to scalable cloud hosting environment and much much more..!
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