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Technology Expertise

expertise in wide array of technologies incl. java, LAMP, .NET and many more…

The Internet (both web & mobile) is driven by technology - it might sound trivial, but when you start to think about online systems for your company, delivering the best possible technology solutions become a critical task. With over 15 years of our team members’ experience, you can be sure that ITSpree has got exceptional technology know-how and practical experience in development, deployment and maintenance of high-traffic, advanced web & mobile projects.
1. Java

Our process expertise and architectural best practices in Java Technologies provide product companies with benefits like enhanced quality of products, faster time to market, and reduced cost of development. As a company, we’ve worked with a broad range of Java technologies and stayed on the cutting edge, adopting technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Terracotta and Grails to improve our client’s systems.

2. PHP

PHP is an open-source web development language widely used in today's Internet. According to NetCraft it is utilized on over 20 million websites today. But why did we chose PHP as our programming language of choice for simple web projects? Because it provides rapid, iterative development cycles, it’s secure and very stable and provides robust, high-performance and scalable platforms. It is also easily integrated into heterogeneous enterprise environments and systems and has been proven through widespread deployment and use by a vibrant community.

3. PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, Oracle

Despite the overwhelming popularity of MySQL, when it comes to data storage and management systems, PostgreSQL is our database of choice. It is robust, secure, incredibly stable and easily scalable and offers a better performance-features ratio than any other open-source databases ever invented. Of course, it doesn't mean we don't work with MySQL - we do (and are quite good at it). In many cases, we will even actively recommend MySQL as the best database for a particular project (for small to medium websites).

However, when it comes to corporate, enterprise-level systems – where it is performance that is critical rather than total cost - we do know what's best out there. For our corporate customers, ITSPree recommend two database solutions: Oracle Database 10g and 11g or IBM DB2 (also in FREE 'Express-C' version). Their scalability, security, application development, manageability, data warehousing, integration and content management features make them best database platform for really demanding customers.

4. Apache & Linux / Unix

The June 2010 Netcraft Web Server Survey found that more than 55% (more than 45m) of the web sites on the Internet are using Apache, thus making it more widely used than all other web servers combined (!). And for a good reason - Apache is one of the most secure, efficient and extensible server ever made, surpassing other solutions like Microsoft IIS, LightHTTP or Nginx. It is also our default and favourite web server platform - one which can be easily combined with all the other open-source tools we use (Java, PHP, PostgreSQL) and which can add an extra boost of power and possibilities in form of impressive sets of apache extensions.

Being so devoted to open-source community and solutions, it was also natural for us to choose linux/unix as our default operating system for web systems designed by ITSpree. In fact we use linux/unix in every stage of development - as almost all our team is working on various linux/unix distributions of their choice (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat and more). Being free and open - linux makes a best choice for web platform servers, as it gives us power to design literally any solution - it can be integrated with the whole system on a very low level.
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