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Top-Quality Team

our team consist of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals

It is not a coincidence that Poland overtook the USA in the Top Coder contest and has not only won the top prize three times in a row but has the most representatives among the top 50 coders compared to all other countries. It is not a coincidence that it was a Pole who won Google Code Jam 2006 - another elite programming contest. It is not a coincidence that IBM has recently launched its main central Europe programming centre in Krakow, Poland. And neither is it a coincidence that Microsoft opened its third Innovation Centre after Beijing, China and Redmond, USA in... yes, you guessed it : Poznan, Poland!
Polish IT specialists have gained recognition and praise abroad by winning international competitions. Without difficulty they find employment with the largest IT companies in the world. And at ITSpree, we understand this. We understand that the single most important asset in each software consulting business is people. That’s why we have introduced a close partnership with Poznan's Technical University to gain access to top local graduates. We constantly try to retain top professionals - and looking at our team today we can say without a doubt that « we did it ». We built a top-class team able to design, create and maintain web projects of any size and complexity. It's sometimes just stunning (and scary - yes) when we find out what we are capable of doing! ;-)

All of the core team members have at least five years of experience in the field (while the rest are IT graduates) and are certified professionals with graduation and IT diplomas from either Poznan Technology University or other recognized Polish Technology Universities. Staff education and certification endorsement programmes are in place. Most employees are English speakers - and should not have any problems to communicate in English with native speakers. All Project Managers, as well as a large part of our developers are qualified with industry-standard certification e.g. PHP Expert Zend Certificate or Sun Java Certifications. This is an indication of what quality our customers can expect.

We value our people because we know their talents are the main assets of the company. And by valuing them, we really mean it: free internal training & courses,a large recreation area in the office complete with a big sofa and a xbox 360 (with our own company-wide fifa2011 tournament) and frequent unofficial company meetings in our local pubs and clubs. All that creates something more than just a bunch of developers. It creates a spirit that is the very core of the team-driven culture of the company.
Work with us We guarantee cutting-edge technology expertise, top talents, rock-solid deadlines and exceptional customer care from day #1!